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Rather than mixing the concert to stereo in realtime this is done at a later mixing session where the sound of all channels is blended in a controlled listening environment. The resulting stereo mix is subsequently edited and mastered. The end result is a pre-master CD-R which can then be used as the basis for informal distribution or possibly commercial release.
Advanced Concert Recording
An Advanced Concert recording uses multiple microphones to accurately capture every nuance of a performance. Such recordings require more effort and setup time than standard concert recordings. The use of this approach depends very much on the venue, the repertoire being performed and the type of end-product required.
For orchestral concerts a main microphone array is used to capture the overall sound of the orchestra and then carefully positioned spot microphones are used to reinforce soloists, specific instruments or sections as required. Each microphone is recorded through a high quality audio chain to a multi-track digital recorder.
Classical Music Recording and Post Production
Putting the class into Classical