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Session recordings range from simple two-microphone (stereo) recordings through to more complex multi-microphone approaches (as per advanced concert recordings). Multi-track recordings will typically be mixed later in a controlled listening environment. Editing and mastering will then be performed and a pre-master CD-R produced.
Recording Session
Recording sessions cater for private recordings in your chosen venue or studio setting. 
The obvious difference between Concert and Session approaches is that for a live concert recording there is usually only one opportunity to capture the performance, whereas in a session you have the luxury of recording multiple “takes” and combining the best of these to produce the final recording.
Depending on the scale, a session recording is typically of similar technical complexity to an advanced concert recording. There is equipment set-up and tear-down time required for each session, followed by sound checks, positioning of microphones etc (during rehearsal) to get the best balance of sound.
Classical Music Recording and Post Production
Putting the class into Classical