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Classic Sound orchestral recordings have been made in larger venues with proven acoustics such as the Auckland Town Hall, Michael Fowler Centre and Wellington Town Hall. Similarly chamber and choral recordings in venues such as Sacred Heart Cathedral (Wellington), Auckland (Holy Trinity) Cathedral, St Matthews in the CIty and St Michaels Remuera. With smaller scale ensemble recordings at the Auckland University School of Music (Music Theatre and Kenneth Myers Centre) and the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts at Waikato University.

Many other venues have been used including Kings College Chapel, Auckland Grammar School Hall, St Kentigern College School Hall.
Location Recording
Both live and session-based recording projects are typically undertaken in a venue appropriate to the type of engagement. The highest quality, professional-level audio equipment is used so that attention can be focussed on the important aspects of recording and production rather than on  deficiences in technology. Location recordings are always made to two separate recorders in real time to ensure that equipment failure does not mar the recording session.
The choice of venue is extremely important - second only to the quality of musical performance. Venue choice is based on a number of factors including - music style, size of ensemble, ambient noise and of course cost.
Classical Music Recording and Post Production
Putting the class into Classical